Smart data management for the Transportation, Defense, and Security sectors.

Our services

1. Technology consulting

At ADDocean Technologies, we are leaders in smart data management for the Transportation, Defense, and Security sectors. Our expertise in technology consulting and software development enables us to provide advanced and customized solutions to our clients.

2. Software development

We deliver and maintain software solutions for process optimization based on managing complex workflow (BPM), system integration (ESB), real-time and offline simulation leveraging the latest technological trends such as Agile methodology, cloud implementation, IoT, Big Data, etc.

3. Agile methodologies and DevOps

We assist in adopting agile methodologies like Scrum, Kanban, or XP, both for development teams and at higher levels of the organization. We help choose ALM tools that best fit the needs of applying agile best practices (CI, CD, TDD, etc.) and introduce the DevOps concept that seamlessly aligns software development and system operation. Successfully streamlining your business requires effectively managing change.

4. Data-Driven innovation

We optimize processes using a responsible, data-driven innovation approach, maintaining the highest ethical and legal standards. We pay special attention to privacy and data protection (privacy by design, privacy by default) and always consider social acceptability as the key factor in evaluating the feasibility of these innovation processes and their applications.

Specialized sectors

We have experience in a wide variety of sectors, including:


Extensive experience in maritime and land transportation.

Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) Systems
Port Management Systems (PMS)
Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
Adaptive Traffic Management Systems (ATMS) for urban traffic regulation
Ticketing and toll systems


Specialists in turnkey system development for Defense:

Tactical Communications
Training Systems
Tactical Simulators (ASTT)
Operational Simulators (Full Bridge Simulators)
Command and Control Centers
Avionics Equipment

Leaders in Transportation, Defense, and Security

Optimize your processes with ADDocean Technologies.

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